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Tradeshow Sales Automation

Revolutionizing trade show sales through seamless automation and digital integration


Brands, presently, distribute their products primarily through trade shows. Trade shows usually comprise of an event which extends for a few days wherein the brands display samples of their products to retailers or the sales team.

For a brand, this event involves huge resource and time consumption due to the involved logistic, extensive distribution of samples, event management and unreliable order capturing sequences.

For retailers, this event presents a challenge of making a profitable forecast of future sales while placing orders. Moreover, in case the brands have an assortment and distribution clause in place, it complicates the order placement further.


What we are solving?

tradeshow portal

Our tradeshow solution presents a unique automated order capturing and forecast method which eliminates the issues prevalent in the traditional method. It helps both brands and retailers to experience a transparent, smart and controlled order capturing and forecast. Brands can have huge savings by reducing sample volumes, overproduction and duration of the event. Retailers can make reliable decisions backed by sell through data through a very user friendly software interface.

Our Solution

  • Retailer uses our app to scan tags on product

  • Displays all the relevant product and attributes.

  • User-friendly interface to capture final orders in real time.

  • Real time visibility of product orders and retailers

  • Actionable insights to quickly take steps to optimise orders.

  • AI -powered analytics.

  • Train users to ensure smooth order capturing at trade shows

  • Provide support in case of any technical issues.

Scan and Book

Real-time Reporting and Insights

Onground Support

How our Product will Benefit you and your sales

How our Product will Benefit you and your sales

Our Trade Show Booking Solution has numerous advantages for both brands and retailers as follows:

Advantages for Brand

Reduces tradeshows duration drastically saving cost and time

Reduces the sample volume

Eliminates overproduction

Organised and prompt reports of order capturing.

Analytics backed assortment and distribution feed in the catalogue.

retailer portal
manager app

Advantages for Retailers

Eliminates any hassles due to manual browsing and order placement

Easy decision-making, with all features of an article displayed together

Analytics based order forecast suggestions

Utilises distribution pattern as per the brand

Elimination of manual calculations

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