Field Booking Solution

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How our Field Booking Solution works?


  • ASMs use this to map retailers & franchises
  • Displays the master catalogue
  • User-friendly interface to capture final orders during the ASMs field visits.


  • Created as per the stock inventory and the sales requirements of a brand.
  • Displays assortments and categories of products
  • Synced in real time to update article counts


  • Train users to ensure smooth order capturing during field visits
  • Provide support in case of any technical issues.

  • Welcome to all-the-year round order capturing.

    Cut the ordering chases with automation

    What Ails Present Order Capturing Method

    The present process of order capturing in the fashion sector limits the ordering process of the retailers, franchises, outlets, MBOs, etc. to mostly trade shows and conferences. Evidently there is a lack of a system to capture orders in the field for real time scenarios or periodically outside of trade shows. Some brands have processes which facilitate the order capturing outside of a trade show but the efficiency of the process is a serious setback.

    How our Product will Benefit you and your sales

    Field Booking advantages with QArt

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    Our Field Booking Solutions

    QArt has developed a state-of-the-art product to facilitate the order capturing process at any time of the year directly from the retail outlets or franchise stores. An ASM uses our product to capture orders from different outlets that he visits.

    This product utilises a master catalogue which is developed as per the stock-inventory and distribution requirements of the brand. The smart catalogue displays all the relevant attributes which can be used by a retailer to forecast and plan the ordering.

    Once the order has been placed it goes directly to the brand sales department and is processed further for delivery. This solution presents a very simplified yet robust mechanism to cut the chase and order as per the periodic requirements of a retailer.

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